When Mom Becomes a Hero

My kiddo is all about super heroes these days! I have the tendency to be a spur of the moment crafter. I did a quick look around and pulled together a simple Thor’s hammer. I felt like a hero for sure! He was so excited, he threw a Thor outfit on and saved the day!


Grits Box

Toilet Paper Roll ( I keep a bunch of these on hand for moments like these)

Masking Tape

Electrical Tape (to finish off the handle)

Foil Sheets (cheapy kind from the Dollar Tree)

Tacky Glue (you could use hot glue, but I wanted my son to help)

1. Empty your grits box. Ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I taped the box closed and cut a hole slightly smaller than my paper towel tube. Push your tube in, but not too far! I used masking tape to secure the tube! (hot glue would be good here)

2. Using tacky glue, I glued down the foil on all sides of the box. The ends I folded down like wrapping paper.

3. Finish off the handle with electrical tape! The tape I had on hand, but washi or duct tape could work too!

An easy, fun project!! Hey Mom, not all heroes wear capes! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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