So, not a word I expected to hear. I was just laying in bed, rolling thoughts around in my head. I was praying too. Lord why am I this way? Validation.

The next day I googled the definition. I pondered the word for a couple days. What was the Lord revealing to me?

One thing I have learned about myself in my journey is that, I care way too much about what other people think of me. In my life that has prevented me from making some serious foolish decisions, but it has also hindered me from walking fully in the woman of God I should be.

I don’t understand why there’s some some people who go through life with freedom from this. They could care less what anyone thought of them. They hold their heads high. Its like they live their lives without hindrances.

Then there’s us. Those who fear the thoughts of others, letting someone down, not living up to their standard. I’m not thin enough, funny enough, rich enough.

The hubby and I recently got into a show about adoptive children looking for their birth parents. I found a common thing amongst them. They all felt something was missing, they hoped that they were loved, they hoped that their birth parent would be proud of them. They longed for the validation from the very one who gave them away.

For us who need validation, we are searching for approval, to be loved, for someone to say they are proud of us and we are accepted. This can be dangerous. If we aren’t careful that validation can cause us to do things we never thought we would do to get that approval. For some it will lead to adultery, some debt, maxing out credit cards to have the nice clothes, cars etc. For some, one bad relationship after another. I could probably go on and on.

Some time ago I was subject to an individual’s poisonous venom. Their words were one negative thing after another. I stood there as they looked me up and down. Though their words were not all directly about me, I could only picture in my mind, they were tearing me apart. Days after the encounter, I kept recalling their words. It’s like the enemy kept reminding me of the things they said.
I think they are searching for their own validation.

There’s truly only one opinion that matters. I am a daughter of the King. What does He think of me. Truly that’s all that matters. All. That. Matters.

Today I’m going to choose freedom from this burden. The weight of other’s opinion is a weight I can no longer bare. He proved I was valid when He took my place in the cross. He pursued me and loved me when I was the most unlovable. I am validated by the One who matters most. All others, need not apply.

3 thoughts on “Validation”

  1. Love this! This is something I struggle with too. I would love to just have the freedom to not care what people think! It is something that I feel like God has been working on changing me slowly. A verse God showed me this summer was Psalm 119:94 I am Yours, save me; For I have sought Your precepts. Just a reminder of who I belong to and what is important. Love and think you are amazing! Thank you for sharing


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting!!
      What a great Scripture to meditate on!! We have to remind ourselves daily Who we belong to!! God wants us to be overcomers in this area.


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