In The Season of Waiting

I don’t know about you, but I’m not spontaneous. I’m a deep thinker, analyzer, planner, make lots of lists kind of gal. If you want to hang out with me, I need a weeks notice to mentally prepare. I like the details of what’s going on, I’m not a throw me a surprise party person….controlling some might say!

So with that, have you ever felt in your journey God was only illuminating the step you were on at that moment??

In my mind I can see a staircase. Darkness all around, the only light is shining on the step you are on. You know there’s no stepping back. That’s the past it is said and done.

You can’t move forward because God hasn’t illuminated the way yet. So, there you are. Waiting.

It may seem in the season of waiting that it’s total torture, full of pain and suffering. Especially if you are a control freak, I mean planner. Believe me it can be a season of pain. IF you are listening to the wrong voices. Some can come to discourage you and say “Why aren’t you moving, go here, go there. Do this! Do that!” But God hasn’t illuminated the way yet…

The season of waiting can actually be the best time between you and Jesus. It’s a time where you learn to fully rely on Him. It’s a time when all you have is Him. You draw closer to Him like never before in the waiting. You pray like never before, you feast on His Word like never before. Oh the season of waiting!!
What a glorious gift the Father gives us!

So here we stand, with just enough light for the step we are on, trusting a perfect God, whose timing is always perfect!! In our season of waiting, we need to enjoy what the Father is wanting to teach us. We need to enjoy the intimacy we will have with Him in this season. We need to close our ears to any other voice and listen to only His!! See the season as a gift!!

Lord, there’s many, just like me, that are in the season of waiting. They are uncertain of the future and unsure which way to go. I pray that they will seek you like never before! They would surrender their will and their desires. That they not listen to any other voice, but Yours. I pray that they won’t get discouraged in the waiting, but grow in their relationship with You.
In Jesus’ Name,

Proverbs 3: 5
John 10:27

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