Crazy Obedience

Tonight I was working on our Bible lessons for the week and something stood out to me. It’s a story I have read many times before.

The back story. An old man and wife, childless. Abram is well up in age when God speaks to him and promises that a great nation will come from him. God tells him that if he would would walk perfectly before Him, He would establish a covenant with him. This covenant will be established with your son, Isaac in which you will have within a year. Abraham (God changes his name) is 99 and Sarah is 90.
A year later Isaac is born. The details of their story starts in Genesis Chapter 11.

So Isaac is a little older and The Bible says God tests Abraham.
Take your son, that you love very much, to a mountain in Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering.
Ok. What??
Yeah. It sounds so crazy.
The next morning Abraham saddles his donkey, splits some wood and gets two young men to go with him and Isaac. Abraham moves in perfect obedience.

So this is the part that gets me. On the third day, Abraham lifts up his eyes and sees where he is to take the lad.
THREE DAYS….72 HOURS…I thought…what was going on in his head? I’m am taking my son who I waited 100 years for, to sacrifice to the Lord. I imagined three days of begging and pleading for God to change His mind. Of course I was thinking fleshy.

Abraham tells the young men to wait with the donkey, and he and the boy were going up to worship and come again.
So is he going to high tail it out there with his boy tucked under his arm?


Abraham takes the wood for the sacrifice and straps it to Isaac to carry. Poor boy…
Abraham grabs some fire and a knife and they start walking. So Isaac asks Abraham, Dad we have fire and we have wood, Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?

Abraham responds. God will provide Himself a lamb.

I started thinking back to those 3 days…those 72 hours they journeyed to get to this point. That maybe those 3 days were not spent begging and pleading with God. He didn’t think, we will return home with the remains of my son to bury him.
He already told the young men, they would return. He told Isaac God would provide a lamb. Sounds like a confident man to me.
My thoughts went to, maybe Abraham thought…God promised me I would be the Father of many nations, He promised many nations and kings would come from my seed. God promised his covenant would be established through my son Isaac. Of course we don’t know what his thoughts were. But he took his son up on the mountain and built an altar and placed his bound son on the wood, on the altar. When he raised his hand to slay his son, an angel called out to stop him. God was so pleased with Abraham’s obedience. God provided a ram for the sacrifice instead.

So what’s the lesson here Sarah??
Number one…always move in perfect obedience. No matter what it seems like you are sacrificing! God’s plans are always perfect.
Number 2…what is your internal dialogue??
I know I’m guilty of letting my thoughts run wild, instead of standing on God’s promises. I have a tendency to doubt, over think, worry, etc., etc…
I forget about those promises He made.

I pray that the Lord will help me move with perfect obedience and to rest in His promises. Lord remind me of Your promises if my mind starts to wander from Your Truth!! May I not doubt your perfect plan, even when Your plan doesn’t make sense to me. May I have the confidence that Abraham had.
In Jesus’ Name,

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your cares up in the Lord, for He cares for you!
Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding!
Matthew 6:33 Seek God first!

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